4 Budget-Friendly Dining Options to Try in Philly

The name Philadelphia is really translated as “The City of Brotherly Love” Depending on your perspective, you might consider that a fitting nickname or an ironic reproach. Whatever the case, Philadelphia has left a lasting impact and made a significant historical contribution to the United States. Aside from being the birthplace of American independence and the beloved Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, the city is also well known for being the residence of legendary boxer Rocky Balboa from popular culture.


Let’s say you desire your family to reside in the megalopolis along the US east coast. Philadelphia is one of the top locations available in that case. It is close to the Atlantic Ocean and offers convenient, straightforward access to Washington, D.C., to the south, as well as New York City, to the north. It’s still a good deal for a big metropolis. According to estimates, when all things are taken into account, Philadelphia houses for sale are less expensive than in New York.

Due to this, it is now much more accessible to middle-class families that nonetheless choose to live in a big metropolis.

The city has a relaxed atmosphere, a distinct personality, and is full of cultural treasures. Additionally, it is a sanctuary for foodies. But where are the savviest, most intelligent diners found? The best budget-friendly restaurants in Philadelphia are listed here.

1. Little Nonna’s

Little Nonna’s merely appears to be a bakery or a little cafe from the outside. You’ll soon discover that the small dining room and the side entrance are merely a front for the large garden area with string lights in the backyard, which is open all year. There are a few better options in Midtown Village for a romantic evening.


The Sunday gravy, which is available every night of the week and is delectable and a deal at $24, is among the many traditional Italian dishes on the menu. You’ll receive a plate of marinara-covered braised short ribs, fennel sausage, and pasta that can easily be shared between two individuals.

2. Helm

Helm is a good option if you’re searching for a place that just feels pricey. The menu changes frequently, but it’s typically composed of smaller plates that are simple to split between two people, such as chicken with sunchoke confit and wontons filled with rhubarb and soppressata. 

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3. Flambo

Flambo, a really good Caribbean restaurant in Fairmount where you can get a substantial supper for about $20, sounds like a terribly horrible version of Rambo that might feature Guy Fieri. Even if you add a few drinks—you supply the booze, and they’ll provide some Trinidadian peanut punch—you still won’t come close to sticking to the budget you vowed to yourself.

4. Zavino


Zavino has two locations, one in University City and the other in Midtown Village, and it’s probably the only restaurant that comes up in your group chat whenever you’re trying to decide where to go for a cheap, informal midweek supper. That’s due in part to the fact that it’s a simple decision with consistently terrific food and in part because you can split a few pizzas and a few glasses of wine for less than $30 per person.

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