Interesting Information About Bed Bugs and What to Do

Oklahoma City experiences many kinds of pests, but the one that homeowners fear is bed bugs. These annoying pests reproduce quickly and the infestation only worsens. Homeowners in Oklahoma have to mandatorily seek help from Edmond Pest Control professionals.

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How do bed bugs spread?

Bed bugs don’t spread diseases but can cause anemia as they suck human blood, especially at night. Besides, they even cause secondary infection because you feel itchy from the bites left behind. Bed bugs hitchhike and spread from one place to another. They don’t attach to human hosts but grab a ride on luggage, backpack, suitcases, and purses. Thus, you can pick bed bugs from multiple places and carry them home.

Signs of bed bugs

When you notice…..

The first thing to do is resist the enticement of ignoring bed bugs signs. If you see tiny small brown insects with a minute head and look like apple seeds then you are possibly encountering bed bugs. Their bodies are oval in shape and flat.


When you are bitten…..

Other obvious signs are bite marks, which you will notice in the morning as they show up. The bites have a dark or clear center and are often itchy. You will find bite marks on the exposed part of the skin while sleeping. The red-colored bite marks show in lines or zigzag patterns.

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When you see other signs…..

The mattress is a common hiding place for bed bugs because they survive on blood and have easy access. They even hide in wall cracks and furniture. Major signs that indicate you need to call exterminator Edmond OK are –


  • See tiny bloodstains on mattresses and sheets.
  • Identify dots of brown marks on mattress seams.
  • See rusty marks on walls, curtains, sheets, or mattresses.
  • Discover discarded bed bug skin scattered near the wall or bed.

What not to do about bed bugs?

Delay in calling for help

Ensure not to ignore bed bug signs! Call licensed pest control Edmond OK technicians. If you delay in seeking help the bed bugs will persist in feeding on your blood and reproducing rapidly. So, the sooner you approach a professional exterminator the better!


Attempt DIY methods

Eliminating bed bugs is not a do-it-yourself project. Homeowners think about the cost savings rather than hiring professionals. DIYers are mistaken that bed bugs removal is an easy task. They end up approaching professional pest control services after wasting time, money, and effort on DIY techniques.

Methods DIYers use to remove bed bugs are ineffective. For example, spreading baking soda around beds does not get rid of or kill the bed bugs infestation. Mothball spreading can kill a few bed bugs but some are not affected.

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If you wash your mattress using heated water, it will kill bed bugs residing in the mattress. Nevertheless, they also reside in other places like baseboards, furniture, or picture frames. Just washing the sheets is not the answer for eliminated bed bugs from the house.

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What to do?


Call professional pest control Edmond services to remove bed bugs because DIY techniques will cost money, effort, and time. Professional exterminators are experienced in dealing with a bed bug infestation in residences and commercial properties.

The technicians inspect your property and then plan the best treatment approach. Rather than removing a few bugs, they make sure that the entire infestation is got rid of. You can learn more about bed bug infestation treatment on Edmond Pest Control Blog.

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