Violating The Amazon Sales Guidelines Can Lead to Amazon Account Suspension

Amazon is the best affiliate marketer that has provided many small businesses a source to earn revenue. To maintain this brand image, Amazon has to ensure that all its third-party sellers follow the sales policy. If any of the sellers violate the sales guidelines, Amazon starts monitoring their accounts. During the severity of the violation, Amazon suspends the account and sends an email mentioning the same

Amazon Account Suspension.

The seller cannot plead or request to reinstate the account. Certain protocols are followed to get the account reinstated. It takes time to reinstate the account. Thus, it is wise to seek the help of an appeal service that works solely on the account suspension.

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services deals in reinstating suspended accounts. They use their internal contact in the Amazon Seller Performance to find the root cause of suspension and then prepare the plan of action.

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An appeal service doesn’t need to be hired only when the account is suspended, you can hire them beforehand to work on a suspension protection plan. Their customer service staff works 24/7 to provide the best plan of action.

Reasons for Account Suspension

Reasons for Account Suspension

Sales Performance

Amazon evaluates every seller’s account to make sure the best services are provided to buyers. If they find any seller violating this rule they start monitoring the account. A seller has to ensure that they do well in selling products. This means none of the customers are asking for refunds or posting negative feedback about the product. Good products and efficient customer service make a brand image. If sellers are taking advantage of Amazon to reach customers, then Amazon also has the right to monitor their accounts.

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The seller should maintain healthy criteria –

  • 99% positive reviews.
  • 99% on-time delivery.
  • Cancellation and defect rates should not exceed 1%.
  • Quick merchant response.

Violating Amazon’s Policy

Since there are many large and small businesses under the one roof, Amazon decided to create certain rules and regulations. All sellers are supposed to abide by those rules. Violating any of the rules can put the account under suspension. These sale guidelines include –

  • The cancellation rate, defect rate, negative review rate, and late shipment rates are higher than Amazon’s parameters.
  • Sending duplicate and fake products. Uploading false information and copying other businesses’ product descriptions and listing.
  • Creating duplicate accounts to increase sales.
  • Selling products that are under restricted categories.


Amazon’s Hacking

Cybercrime doesn’t even spare Amazon. Accounts are not only suspended for violating rules. When the account experiences suspicious activity, the seller or Amazon can suspend the account for time being. Hacking means money is not transferred to the right account, bank account information is changed. If Amazon finds such suspicious activity, then they have the complete right to suspend the account unless the issue is not resolved.

When an account is suspended, the funds in the account are put on hold. When the account gets reinstated, the seller receives his or her money. Reinstating the account takes up time. It may take weeks, sometimes months. Amazon sends an email mentioning the suspension.

It is the job of the seller to find the reason for suspension and work on it. The right plan of action will have to reinstate the account within 24-48 hours.

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