Different Types of Animations That Can Be Created for Your Business

Animation has long been a crucial component of storytelling as we know it, which is why it plays such a significant role in contemporary marketing.

You will find animation being used by every business, whether it is a start-up, a Fortune 500 firm, or just a new unicorn in the game. It could be a marketing-related initiative like an awareness campaign or a commercial.

Victor Yang Photography is one of the well-known animation companies in Singapore that can help you to create a wonderful video animation about your product or service.

The following are the 10 distinct sorts of animations that you should be aware of in 2022, whether you are here simply out of interest, searching for the ideal match for your next marketing campaign, or thinking about a career in the industry.

  1. Cut-out animation

The characters in cut-out animation are always, as the name implies, created by “cutting out” smaller pieces of paper, cardboard, or any other material, which are then assembled.

  1. 2D Animation

Images move in two dimensions when they are animated in two dimensions. These pictures were initially drawn on paper. But now we have a variety of apps to handle the task, thanks to technological improvements.

  1. Stop motion clay animation

Stop motion Clay animation, often known as claymation, is a style of stop-motion animation that adheres to the traditional stop-motion rules while using plasticine clay figures or characters.

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Industrial animation

  1. Industrial animation

Making cartoons to describe various industrial and mechanical processes, products, and services is what industrial animation, as its name suggests, requires.

  1. Typography animation

In music videos, movie tributes, inspirational films, and YouTube advertisements, kinetic typography is a constant. The moving text you see in videos is referred to as typography. It can always serve many different functions.

  1. Motion capture

Motion capture is the process of tracking live video and then digitally transforming it using various tools. Trackers are attached to a real-world person’s or actor’s body to create a motion capture animation.

  1. 3D Animation

The idea of 2D animation is advanced in 3D animation by the addition of a new dimension of detail called breadth. This gives the animation a more realistic feel and gives the spectator a more engaging experience.

  1. Cel animation

Drawing pictures on a transparent sheet, then arranging them to produce an optical illusion, is the essence of cel animation.

Motion graphics

  1. Rotoscope animation

Rotoscoping is a process for turning a live-action video into an animated sequence by tracing it frame by frame.

  1. Motion graphics

Simple graphics in motion are known as motion graphics. In order to tell a tale, visuals are moved about in a digital environment.

To give the impression of motion, all the components are arranged in a series of frames similar to other animations.

Without a video, modern marketing is lacking, and animation studio Singapore can make up a sizable portion of such videos. This is supported by the fact that 87% of marketers utilize it to boost their online presence, and 65% of users say that watching a video makes them more inclined to make a purchase.

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