Keep The Health of Your Amazon Seller Account Safe by Avoiding A-Z Claims

Avoiding A-Z Claims

To ensure that buyers experience a consistent service even if the order is not Amazon fulfilled and is shipped directly by the selling party, Amazon provides an A-Z guarantee. So, as a seller, you need to resolve the buyer’s issues with the product directly to keep your account in a good standing condition.

Responding to buyers’ issues within 48 hours of raising a return or a complaint will keep your order defect rate (ODR) to a minimum. In the absence of your response or inability to provide a resolution, a buyer can claim the Amazon A-Z guarantee and if investigated in favor of the buyer, which is the scenario in most cases, your account will be debited to make the refund and this will also be reflected in your ODR.

To avoid account suspension, you must try to stay away from A-Z claims at all costs. If you are not able to appeal for any wrong claims listed in your account, you can approach YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services for taking A-Z claim assistance. They can help you in filing an appeal and communicating with Amazon representatives to try and reinstate your seller account if it was wrongly suspended.

Tips to prevent your sellers account from facing A-Z claims

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  • Frequently update your return policy based on any changes made in the A-Z policy of Amazon.
  • Make realistic rules and give your customers practical timelines for returns and refunds.
  • If you cannot bear return costs, state them in your return policy very clearly.
  • Ask your customers to agree to the return policy and its terms before you agree to take a return for a specific product.
  • If there are any items in your product list that are facing problems regularly, dispose of them off or blacklist such items and report to Amazon for inaccurate listings.
  • Add accurate product descriptions with clear images and precise descriptions.
  • Track shipping and get signature confirmation from the buyers once delivered.
  • Never get into the problem associated with mixed-up shipping. Use upgrade technology and a good warehouse layout to avoid the same.
  • Keep uploading the status of the shipment along with the tracking number.
  • Maintain a file of all the delivery reports.
  • Use safer packaging material.
  • Use email communication rarely.
  • If you do get an email inquiry, try to respond to them as quickly as possible.
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Dealing with an A-Z claim is very hard and is not a simple open-shut scenario. Try to prevent yourself from getting into such issues and maintain the health of your account in good standing. If you will make customer service your priority, in most cases you will safely gourd yourself and maintain your ODR.

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A-Z claim

There will always be scenarios when you were not wrong but a claim was still filled. In such cases, you can challenge the claim within 2-3 days and you have to politely reach the buyer and persuade them to withdraw the claim from their end. This will close the case without affecting your ODR.

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