Cleaning with Kids: How to Make Chores Fun and Educational

Do you struggle to get your kids to help out with household chores? According to professionals from Reliable Cleaning Colorado, you can turn this mundane task into an opportunity to bond, teach responsibility, and even have a little fun.


Cleaning with kids doesn’t have to be a battle – with a few clever tips and tricks, you can turn it into an enjoyable, learning experience.

Embrace the Mess

When it comes to cleaning with kids, it’s important to accept the fact that things are going to get messy. Rather than fight against it, embrace it. Kids learn best through play, so when it comes to cleaning, set the expectation that it won’t be perfect.

Let them explore and discover the best way to clean different surfaces. Give them materials they can use to safely make a mess while cleaning.

Create a space where they can make as much mess as they need to, as this will help to make cleaning more fun for them and reduce the stress of trying to keep everything tidy.

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Put on Some Music

One way to make cleaning with kids more enjoyable is to put on some upbeat music. Music can help to set the mood and make it a more fun experience.

It can also provide a distraction from the work at hand. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to pick some of their favorite tunes or even let them take turns picking songs.

Whatever you choose, having music playing in the background can help create a cheerful atmosphere that makes cleaning more enjoyable. 

Get Them Involved in the Planning


Getting your kids involved in the planning of household chores can make them more enthusiastic about helping out. Start by asking them what kind of jobs they’d like to do, and work with them to come up with an age-appropriate list of tasks.

Help them think of ways to divide up the job into smaller chunks, so it’s easier to handle. Show them how to use the supplies you have and how to safely do the job.

When they know what they’re doing and why it’s important, they’ll be more likely to follow through. Involving your children in the planning process can also help foster communication and responsibility. 

Make it a Game

You could give each kid a set of cleaning tasks and see who can finish the fastest, or you can make a list of the tasks and mark them off when they’re done. If you’re really creative, you can even turn it into an obstacle course.

Make up a few challenges for them to complete along the way, such as dancing around the living room or jumping over the couch while they clean.

The key is to keep it fun and creative – let your imagination go wild! Making chores a game is a great way to keep the kids motivated and make cleaning a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Give Them Rewards

Rewarding kids for completing chores can be a great motivator. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; simple rewards such as extra screen time, a special treat, or choosing a family activity can be enough to encourage them to complete their chores.


Give them incentives for completing their tasks quickly and correctly. Involving them in the selection of rewards will make them even more likely to do their tasks well.

Keep in mind that rewarding kids shouldn’t replace positive praise for a job well done. A simple “thank you” or “great job” are powerful words that will stick with them long after the rewards have gone away.

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