Combining Alcohol with Other Drugs: What You Must Know?

Combining Alcohol with Other Drugs What You Must Know 1

The number of people drinking alcohol is rising everywhere. Besides, some people mix it with a variety of illicit and legal drugs. What such people need to understand is that alcohol is a highly reactive substance, and they react with several substances in your body. Alcohol can affect the way other medications work in some circumstances, and this can be harmful. In other circumstances (such as when taking a lot of prescription medicines), alcohol will reduce or eliminate the effects of the other substance, which can have equally serious repercussions.

When alcohol interacts with another substance, it can cause dangerous side effects. According to studies, most alcohol-drug combinations are harmful. Hence, it is very important to not combine both of them. If you are under any medication, you must consult your doctor or physician first before taking alcohol. If you are unable to stop drinking, you could choose a good rehab center. When alcohol is combined with a certain type of prescription drug, it can result in both long-term and short-term side effects.

When certain types of prescription drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone are combined with alcohol, it results in several health effects. Some of them include memory loss, coma, dizziness, slowed heart rate, profound sedation, and slowed breathing. If you couldn’t stop drinking, you could take the help of a reputed San Diego drugs and alcohol rehab center. Boardwalk Recovery Center is one of the best recovery centers in the US and is known for its addiction treatments.

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Combining Alcohol with Other Drugs What You Must Know 2

Which substances are commonly mixed with alcohol?

  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one reacts differently when it comes to alcohol. Ensure that you read the labels and take advice from your doctor before trying anything in combination with alcohol. Otherwise, this can put your life in danger. Because antibiotics and alcohol are processed in the liver, combining them poses the greatest risk of liver injury. Breathing difficulty, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting are some of the side effects, which you may experience when you combine antibiotics with alcohol.
  • Cocaine: There is a misconception among people that alcohol can neutralize the effects of cocaine, but this is not true. According to studies, when cocaine and alcohol are combined, it results in cocaethylene. This cocaethylene increases the activity of your heart and creates too much pressure on it. And, this results in cardiac arrest sometimes.
  • Antihistamines: When antihistamine drugs are combined with alcohol, the side effects can be extremely severe.
  • Caffeine and Energy Drinks: Most people choose energy drinks to feel energetic instantly. Just like alcohol, even energy drinks can make your body feel dehydrated. When you take alcohol and energy drinks together, it might result in poisoning. The same happens when alcohol is combined with caffeine products.

A lot of people are ruining their life becoming addicts to alcohol. When you become an addict, it is not only you who gets affected badly, even your family. Remember, habits like this can affect your family mentally.

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