Forms, Causes and Consequences of Substance Abuse

Do you know that the government every year spends millions and billions of dollars on the ones who are addicted to drug and substance abuse? Drugs are the poison of life. They are the reason for the breakdown of many good relationships and families. Due to drug addiction, not only the one administering them suffers but also his family has to take a toll on this behaviour.

Drug addiction is emotionally, mentally, physically and financially challenging for individuals and their families. Substance abuse is the result of regular use of alcohol and drugs which leads to functional impairments. If you are looking for a solution to this issue in California, then you must avail the 12 Step Facilitation Therapy by Pacific Beach Health.

Substance Abuse

Their team of experienced experts assumes a holistic approach by establishing a connection between the clients and the environment. They help their clients to get a purpose, goal, peace and balance in their life. They always emphasize spirituality and nature. Their research-backed therapies are shown to work on many patients.

They provide multiple therapies like couples therapy, logotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, neuroscience of addiction, comprehensive resource, humanistic therapy, model CRM, breathwork, rational emotive behaviour, psychodynamic physiotherapy, art therapy, family therapy, cognitive therapy and many more.

Different Types and Causes of Substance Abuse

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of substance abuse. Let’s discuss both of them:

1- Alcohol abuse- the most commonly abused substance in America is alcohol. One in every 12 adults in America which is equal to 17 million Americans are suffering from alcoholism. Alcoholics show a variety of symptoms including compulsive use of alcohol, loss of memory, reflecting withdrawal symptoms when not consumed alcohol for a long time, etc.

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Binge drinking and heavy drinking are two broad categories of alcoholics. Symptoms of alcohol use disorder are:

Substance Abuse

  • Irritability and sudden mood swings.
  • Using alcohol as an excuse to release stress and anxiety.
  • Using alcohol as an escape to problems.
  • Being estranged from friends and family.
  • Ignoring responsibilities.
  • A sudden drop in attendance at work or school.
  • Experiencing blackouts and memory loss for the short term.

2- Drug disorder- the consumption of illegal drugs or the consumption of prescription drugs in any way other than prescribed to induce a sense of euphoria is called drug abuse. Some of the examples of such drugs are cocaine, meth, marijuana, inhalants, etc.

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Drugs interfere with the neural network and alter the dopamine cycle, thereby inducing the sense of temporary pleasure in the one consuming them. Some of the common signs of drug abuse are:

  • Loss of money and valuable items
  • Sudden change in the behaviour
  • Loss of motivation
  • Lethargic behaviour
  • Missing from the responsibilities
  • Weight loss
  • Slurred speech
  • Lack of care or concern for personal hygiene

Substance Abuse


Drugs and alcohol may induce temporary pleasure but in reality, they are poisons for an individual. The damage that they cause to the individual and his relationships is in no way comparable to the pleasure that it induces.

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