Documents Required for Visiting UK

The UK government makes it mandatory to submit relevant documents while applying for a visa to enter their country.

These required documents are specific according to the purpose and type of visa you are applying for as proof that you are visiting the country for genuine purposes.

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All the documents except the passport can either be submitted as originals, photocopied, or scanned.

Since these documents need to be placed in a multi-disciplinary manner, taking the help of a lawyer for immigration support can be a wise decision.

They add great value to your immigration case and can make a real difference to your entry or residing in the UK.


When traveling to the UK, you need to provide your current valid passport with all applications. There should be one blank page in your passport to apply for a UK visa.

Necessary documents

The following documents need to be submitted for a UK visa application.

  • Application form according to the type of UK visa you need.
  • Submit two colored photos taken within the last six months.
  • Bank statements or pay slips for the last six months as proof that you have finances to cover the cost of living in the UK.
  • Document to show where you will be staying in the UK as proof of accommodation.
  • A detailed travel plan with all the information of travel dates, purpose and places to visit, tour bookings, etc.
  • Test results of Tuberculosis.
  • If your stay in the UK is more than 6 months, biometric information needs to be submitted including your fingerprints and a digital snap taken at the correct application centre.
  • A letter of invitation needs to be submitted if you are staying with a family member or a friend, who should be a national or legal UK resident.
  • Receipt as proof confirming visa fee has been paid.
  • Certified translations of documents are in other languages except for English or Welsh.
Additional documents for applicants under 18 years
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Additional documents for applicants under 18 years

  • Birth certificate or adoption papers.
  • A consent letter is signed by the parents if you are traveling with someone else other than the parents.
  • Parent’s or legal guardian’s passport copy.

Additional documents according to working status

  • For working employees: a confirmation letter from the employer mentioning your designation and duration at work and, salary.
  • For self-employed: registration documents of the business.
  • For students: a consent letter from the education facility provider, which confirms your enrolment and absence.
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Documents for medical treatment

A doctor’s letter with details like estimated cost, place, and duration of treatment.

If the purpose of the visit is for transplantation, then a letter from a registered transplant specialist needs to be submitted.

Documents for research, training, or paid work

  • If you are going to the UK for some research work, you will need a letter from your employer as proof to show your high qualifications for research.
  • Letter from the organizing host in the UK confirming your arrangements.
  • For paid performances, a letter from the event organizers with details of shows, dates, and payments received.

For permitted paid work like higher education, sports, or training, you need to submit an invitation letter from a relevant organization in the UK stating the reason and duration of the engagement.

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Documents for getting married in the UK

If you need to visit the UK for getting married, you need to apply for a marriage or a visitor visa for a civil partnership.

Documents of confirmation from the registrar of your marriage or booking confirmation of the reception need to be submitted as evidence.

If you are passing the UK in transit, you can submit your travel booking confirming your outward journey from the UK within 48 hours of arrival.

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