Don’t Ignore Your Dental Health – Look for these Signs for Timely Treatment

Some people always ignore their health-related issues. It is not because they are careless about their health, but because they are busy and don’t get much time for themselves. A demanding job, young children, and a friend in need are some of the causes that prevent people from caring about their health. It goes on till you start having a nagging symptom that begins to remind you to go for your pending health check-up.

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A dental checkup is an issue that is often overlooked by many of them. People ignore minor dental issues until they get some time off or their schedules lighten up. However, you cannot take the dental problem lightly because catching them earlier can save you precious time and hard earn money. It is wise to make an appointment at Doctors and the team of Surbiton Dentist Centre will prevent minor problems from turning into serious ones.

Here are the warning signs you should not avoid and visit your dentist.

Bleeding gums after brushing

You are regularly seeing blood on the skin or the brush. It is a warning you are receiving. It is normal to see blood. The simple reason for this is that your gums are developing some diseases. Doctors call it a periodontal disease.

It is an infection affecting the tissues holding your teeth in place. If you don’t take it seriously, this disease can weaken bones around your teeth. Eventually, it will lead to tooth loss.

The other signs of this disease include –

  • Redness of gums
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Discharge between gums and teeth
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Sinking gums

Sometimes gum recession is normal for ageing people. About 88% of people over 60 experience recession around at least one or two teeth. However, it can be a symptom of gum disease. No matter what causes it, the retreating increases the risk of pain, decay, infection and loss of the tooth by exposing the delicate roots of the teeth. The treatment can reverse or stop the process only if it is to get treatment on time. It can only happen when you discover it earlier.

Dry mouth

The mouth is healthy when it has enough production of saliva to neutralise the acids plaque produces and to wash away food particles. If you find unusual dryness in your mouth, it is an illness.

In such a case, you should visit your dentist to identify the causes of dry mouth and a way to restore the moisture in your mouth and protect your teeth.

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Other signs you need to look for include the following –

  • White spot on teeth
  • Change of texture and colour in the mouth
  • Problem with dental work
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Jaw problem
  • Difficulty in swallowing or chewing
  • Lingering sores

Your oral health is as crucial as your overall health. You wouldn’t let a consistent problem without treatment.

So, don’t put off your dental problem for some other time. You may not know what it is or how severe things can turn. Simply put things away and visit your dentist when you see any of these signs to keep your smile healthy and hearty.

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