Are You Aware of a Few Annoying and Dangerous Pests in Oklahoma?

Have you ever lived in a place like Oklahoma and spent during summertime? If yes, then surely you must have come across many different kinds of bugs and critters. Oklahoma is quite famous as a home to several common types of pests.

Some of these pests may have jaws or stingers, however, it is very essential that one must avoid them as far as possible. Are you aware of the different types of dangerous bugs available in Oklahoma?

dangerous pests in oklahoma

It is never easy to deal with such pests, whether it is a termite infestation, ants in your kitchen, a rodent problem, or some other pest issue. Dealing with different pests can always be quite challenging for maintaining a healthy, safe, and clean home or even business environment.

Hiring any professional pest control Edmond OK like Thunder Pest Control will be the best solution to get rid of pest problems. Such a professional company for pest control can offer you effective solutions and eliminate such uninvited insects from your space.

What types of hazardous pests are found in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, there are two main varieties of creepy pests – insects, and arachnids. Whether you know the basic difference between these two or not is not so important, but it will be helpful if you can at least identify these bugs if they ever visit your home.

So far as the arachnids are concerned they can be spiders, scorpions, and ticks. Those creatures who are classified as arachnids will have 3 body sections with 8 legs.

The bodies of these insects have only 2 sections and 6 legs. However, if you look at them very closely then, you can count their body sections as well as legs.

Some of the dangerous species of arachnids are:

  • Brown recluse spider
  • Black widow spider
  • Ticks
  • Scorpions
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dangerous pests in oklahoma

A few dangerous Oklahoma insects are:

  • Flying insects like wasps, bees, and mosquitoes
  • Crawling insects like American oil beetle, assassin bug, eastern velvet ant, fire ants, kissing bug.

How to select the best pest control company?

1.      Assess your needs

First of all, you need to determine to what extent, your space is infested by any kind of pests.

2.      Search online

Then take the help of the internet to search a few companies dealing with pest control that are available in Oklahoma.

3.      Check experience

Discuss with them about your pest problem and also try to know about their experience in dealing with such pests.

4.      Consider their pest control methods

Ask them what method they will adopt for controlling these pests. Prefer a certain safe method so that it should not harm your pets and children.

5.      Schedule an inspection

dangerous pests in oklahoma

After you have decided on your pest control company then you must invite them to your premises to inspect.

The pest list that has been mentioned is not comprehensive. There are many caterpillars e.g. monarch butterflies, gypsy moths, and asp that can be toxic and may cause serious health issues to your pets. Besides, if your pets ever eat any venomous ants, spiders, or scorpions then it can be too dangerous.

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