How Gender Inequality in Workplace Affects Mental Health and Productivity

Gender Inequality in Workplace

Gender bias exists everywhere. It is no hidden fact that men and women are treated differently. You might have come across this sort of discrimination everywhere – at your home, or your workplace.

Gender Inequality Can Affect Mental Health

If you are constantly picked upon due to your gender or no matter how much hard work you put in, your efforts are not recognized, it is an obvious fact that you will feel deflated. You will not be motivated to work, and this can take a hit on your self-esteem.

If this is already getting you stressed out, you can take the help of women-oriented programs such as that aims at targeting improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Here you can join webinars and group discussions where professionals tell their success stories and how they overcame gender bias in their lives.

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Biases need not have to be gender-related. Any type of bias either at home or at the workplace should not be tolerated.

Gender Inequality Can Affect Mental Health

Some of the common types of biases we see around are:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Skin color
  • Religion
  • Age and Weight
  • Social status
  • Ethnicity

Sometimes biases need not have to be intentional. You can unintentionally also hurt a person with your actions or words. This is the reason you always need to think and listen before you speak. Words once spoken cannot be taken back.

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Coming back to gender inequality, companies need to take this up seriously. If they are committed to being a diverse company, then they need to show it with their actions and not just on their company website or brochures.

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Many women face prejudice even in senior positions. They might be denied promotions as most companies feel that senior positions require candidates to be aggressive in driving goals, working at odd hours to meet deadlines. Women are naturally assumed to be docile and will not be able to work at odd hours.

Secondly, many companies are of the assumption that single women might get married and will not be able to focus on their work.

Addressing Unconscious Gender Bias in Workplace

Gender Bias in Workplace

There are certain ways in which you can address unconscious gender bias in your workplace:

  • When someone naturally assumes that you might not be able to contribute to a project, question them asking for an explanation on the same
  • Take a modern approach to the hiring process
  • Question yourself whether are you being biased or not?
  • If you are a manager, ask for feedback from your team on the same
  • Have a fair approach while interviewing by asking the same questions to all candidates
  • Encourage women to speak about gender inequality in the workplace
  • Ensure to include women in any decision-making process


Combating gender inequality issues takes time and patience. The more proactive you are in your approach to addressing such issues, the more you will be able to improve productivity in your workplace.

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