Guide To Printing Only With Black Ink When The Colour Cartridge Has Perished


Printers have made our lives easier in more ways than one. They allow us to print all that is required without getting into the hassle of writing what is needed. Besides that, humans cannot reach the accuracy of a printer. This put printer in a different league. Printers run on cartridges that contain ink for printing on paper.

Provided the steep price status of ink cartridges and the speed with which they perish, it is very difficult to stay happy as a printer user. No matter how stingy you print, the ink is one thing that would inevitably come into use. It is like an investment but this investment, sometimes, drills a hole in the pocket of the user.

Sometimes, this hole is comparatively a lot bigger. For instance, a set of HP ink cartridges can cost a user around $100. In such circumstances, a huge chunk of users is shifting to re-manufactured compatible ink cartridges. The best place to buy ink cartridges is Need More Ink. They offer their services to all customers.

Their customers range from small households to big companies and they are known to offer supreme customer service to all of them. When buying from them, you need not wait in the shopping line or wait for the shop to open during the shopping hours because they also operate online on their website.

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What if one of the cartridges is empty


You would be surprised to know that you can print even with one of the cartridges empty. Many people do not know this. All you have to do is adjust some settings on the printer. This will also be dependent on the quality and type of printer. There are many printers, especially the new ones, which block the user from printing with one empty cartridge.

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The best way to transcend this impasse is to override the printer’s “locking mechanism”. This can be done only by resetting the printer and then re-configuring the settings.

Here is a step-by-step guide for doing the same:

1- Press the menu button in the printer control panel.
2- Select “services” and press enter.
3- Select the “restore defaults” and press enter.
4- Now, the settings have been set to the defaults. Go to your computer and try printing the file that you wanted to print.
5- Click on the color tab in the properties icon.
6- Now, select the “print in greyscale”.
7- Now, you can easily print in black and white while one of your cartridges is empty.


This is the most convenient way of printing as it will allow you to print in black and white and your printing tasks would not be at the mercy of other cartridges. If you follow this procedure, you would never be stuck while printing, even if one of your cartridges is empty. Besides that, this process will also save you some hard-earned money on new printer cartridges.

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