How the Internet is Helping Improve Couples’ Sex Lives

While some believe that the Internet is really a resource for single people when it comes to finding and enjoying sexual content, the reality is quite different. The fact is that the Internet has done wonders for couples all around the world in helping them improve their sex lives, and below we’ll give you a list of the factors behind that.

Couples' Sex Lives

Here’s how the Internet changed everything for couples:

  1. Introduced Greater Discretion

The first way in which people are helped is that they can order content and other items for sex online, thus avoiding the social akwardness of journeying to sex shops or other retail outlets. For example, ordering adult toys online is discrete not just for when browsing and choosing toys, but also for when they’re delivered in anonymous boxes and packages that no one would distinguish from any other regular mail or couriered goods.

How does this help couples? Chiefly, it allows couples who have previously been held back by feelings of nervousness and awkwardness when it comes to shopping for sexual paraphernalia in person. Visiting sex shops can be awkward enough, but what about if your neighbours, friends, family, or colleagues knew about it? Society just hasn’t evolved to the point where we’re all completely okay with it. The Internet makes it easy, and anonymous.

  1. More Varied Video Content for Enjoyment

The Internet also opens up an entire world of video- and image-based content for couples to enjoy when setting an atmosphere for their own sex lives. New pornography platforms now mean that sex recorded for publication online is no longer a monopoly of a few companies based in the US or Europe. It’s a medium that’s open for exploration to any single or couple with a camera and a willingness to share.

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Couples with very specific tastes can now browse safely and anonymously to find content that helps them really get in the mood.


  1. Helps Broaden Horizons and Inspire New Play Ideas

Besides allowing couples to find stimulating background content to their own sexual activity, they can also use this myriad content to get inspired about ways to spice up their own sex lives. Sometimes what couples really need the most is just a set of fresh ideas to kickstart their bedroom antics and gain a whole new lease on their romance. In this sense, the Internet has likely saved a lot of relationships potentially from the scrap heap.

  1. Brings Sexual Niches Closer Together

The Internet is a place in which all manner of different tastes and desires are explored and expressed. Where the world of dating had once been dominated by a kind of romantic and sexual mainstream, the Internet has reminded us all that there are many fringes out there, and through the Internet, those fringe groups can find each other and connect.

People with very specific romantic interests and sexual desires have been able to use the Internet to find like-minded partners, saving them from what could have been a long life of singledom believing they were the only one like them. 

  1. Makes Distance Sex Easier When Required

Finally, couples who have to deal with distance a lot are helped a great deal by the Internet. Where there only previous option might have been to engage in phone sex, they now have the option of using their mutual Internet connection to bring video into it, and keep at least some of their sexual energy flowing. These things were just far less possible before the Internet came along. 

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