How to Know That Your Aircon Needs Chemical Wash?

Your aircon needs a regular chemical cleaning, which is a necessary service. With regular cleaning, you can help your aircon to remain free from dirt and dust and the air that will circulate inside the room will be free from the toxic smell that may develop due to the formation of mold and bacteria over a period of time.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Usually, any toxic gunk is very difficult to remove, and also it may corrode the internal parts of the unit and cause severe damage. As a result, the effectiveness and also performance of your aircon will reduce. Therefore, it is important that you get your aircon unit regularly chemically washed and cleaned at least once every 6 months.

In Singapore, you can find many service providers who can offer you such services and is also one of them who can offer cheap aircon chemical wash prices to your air conditioners.

Now the question is how will you know that your air conditioner needs chemical washing or an overhaul.

Let us discuss this in this post.

The following are a few things that you may observe when your air conditioner is running then you must prefer to call the professional to get it chemically washed.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

  1. When you find that the thrust of air is too weak.
  2. When you find that your room is not getting sufficiently cool even when you set the temperature at quite a low setting
  3. When you find water is getting leaked out from your air conditioner unit.
  4. When you find that the dust level of your room is pretty high.
  5. When you find a very odd smell whenever you are running your air conditioner unit.
  6. When you find that your energy bill is rising very high.
  7. When your air conditioner unit was not serviced for a long time.
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In case, your air conditioner has stopped working and has developed a certain defect, then you must call an HVAC professional to check your unit thoroughly and you can get it fully overhauled as well as chemically cleaned.

What are the benefits?

Air Conditioner Cleaning

The following are a few benefits of getting your aircon chemically washed.

  • You can ensure that all its parts are working normally.
  • If there is any leakage then it can be removed.
  • If the air quality has become very poor then it will get drastically improved after the chemical washing.
  • Your aircon will perform more efficiently and the environment inside the room will get cool quickly despite the outside temperature may be very high.
  • Your electricity bill will come back to normal as before.

Therefore, it is very essential that you must get your aircon regularly chemically washed and that will ensure that the health of your household will never get affected due to the presence of any bacteria inside the air conditioner.

If your aircon unit needs servicing then you must find out any service provider in your nearby area. You may take the help of a few social media like Facebook or Twitter from where you can get many references for such service providers.

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