Ideal Months And Places For Whale Watching – Tips For You

Whale watching is one of the many things that the visitors will look forward to, when in Tenerife. The beauty of whale watching on this island is that you need not worry about going to an exact location for watching some whales having their fun time in seawater. All the boats that leave from this island towards the sea will offer you the experience of whale watching.

Whale Watching

You can go on a drive around the island and park your car near a harbor and climb on a boat. The boat trips that leave from this island will include whale watching as one of the many fun factors that they have to offer for the visitors. Hence, there are no particularities when it comes to whale-watching excursions in Tenerife.

Tenerife South Whale Watching 

The southern part of Tenerife has so many whale-watching excursions for visitors. The Atlantic Ocean is connected to this part of Tenerife and this factor has made it possible for the island visitors to enjoy watching larger whales roaming around in seawater under the boats. The cities and towns that are located within the 5 to 10mks from the harbors are the ideal pickup points for the boats that wish to go on whale watching.

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Costa Adeje Whale Watching 

Costa Adeje is one of the many popular destinations on the island that has abundant boat operators when it comes to choosing a whale-watching excursion. The comparison table with the information about all such excursions will be available in these destinations and you can choose the boat trip that can cater to all your needs.

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Puerto Colon is another post with the excursions that leave for both the whale and dolphin watching in the sea. You can choose any of the pickup locations in this post for going on a whale watching and dolphin watching excursion. The beauty of going on a whale-watching trip here is that you can make a day out of your holiday to explore Puerto Colon.

The Best Month for Whale Watching 

According to some research conducted on whale movements, the temperature between 21 to 26 degrees C is the ideal time when the whales love coming above the seabed and enjoying some warm climatic conditions. Hence, June is the month that is ideal for whale watching, especially for all species of whales.

This is not the ideal touring season in Tenerife, and hence you can enjoy whale viewing to the fullest in the less crowded boats and locations. You can even escape from the pre-booking requirements as well during this month.

Other months that are ideal for viewing whales of many species are February and March. You can enjoy watching fin, humpback, and pilot whales during these months. The motorboats and the sailing boats are the best options for going on a whale-watching adventure amidst the sea.

For whale watching cat IMPORTANT

Club Canary is your one-stop destination for pre-booking whale watching in any month in Tenerife. The experts will guide you through the procedure and can help you with the successful booking of the boat excursions for whale watching in Tenerife. Visit their webpage to know more.

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