Ideas to Start a Small Business

Starting a small business can be a great idea for revenue generation in Belgium. Businesses of every size, if operated in the right manner, can do amazing and generate huge revenue for the owner. This article will be primarily based on the different small business ideas in Belgium. If you are looking to start a small business, here are some of the best ideas for you.


However, before that, you must be mindful that when you start a business, there will be many difficulties in your path. There will be some technicalities, which need to be handled, and some unforeseen exigencies, which need to be solved. These issues continue to pile up and expand when you try to expand your business. The best way is to get guidance from someone. Bernard de Laguiche can help you establish and grow your business.

He is an international businessman based in Switzerland and Brazil. With a business experience of more than 40 years, he has a very diverse business history. You can learn a lot about doing business from his blogs. These will educate you and give you all the information needed to get started with your business.

Easy Business Ideas in Belgium

1- Farming- the economy of Belgium is based on Horticulture. Commodities like tea, elastic, and cinnamon are the most commonly used commodities in Belgium. If you can start with the cultivation or production of any of these items, then you are good to go. Another great idea is to couple it with domestic animal cultivation, which is gaining popularity these days.

2- Lawn plant nursery- if you are one of those people who love planting and cultivation, then you can try your luck in a patio plant nursery. This is a low-effort business in Belgium with a lot of return on investment. This business, however, requires some space to operate and you must be able to accommodate that.

Choosing the right quality of plants is important and thus, you must have knowledge about plants to run this business. Keep the plants indicated for better organization.

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3- Mobile phone repair shop- since these days there is a large number of people who use mobile phones, the number of phones which need repairs has also increased. If you do not have the required skill set then you must take some courses and classes for the same. You can even expand your horizons and learn to fix other gadgets as well.

This will only widen your prospectus of revenue generation.

4- Data technology – Belgium is one of the 50 outsourcing goals. Small data processing is a very successful business, which will deliver a lot of revenue to you. However, since it is a highly technical business, it will take time for you to learn all the details and minutiae in theory and in practical life to operate the business successfully.


Running a business is the dream of many people. Businesses can give you a lot of revenue generation provided that you run them right.

You must learn all the skills required for a particular business.

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