Intellectual Property Right Issues on Amazon Frustrating you?

Amazon Frustrating

Reporting on infringement of intellectual property rights should never be used as a tool to capitulate the competition from the market. However, it is often used for the same ulterior purpose. Amazon does not intervene in Intellectual property matters and proceeds with suspending the account on the basis of a very brief inquiry.

Intellectual property rights are very difficult to understand for a layman. If you are fed up with dealing with the intellectual property rights issues with Amazon, you must reach out to Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services. Their team holds expertise on Amazon intellectual property. They provide 24*7 support to their clients.

Their team ensures that your appeal gets cleared within 24 to 48 hours. Since dealing with Amazon is very tricky sometimes, you must hire them for expert advice on the future course of action.

Common mistakes which lead to infringement claims-

Amazon Frustrating

1-    Purchasing from non-authentic sources- It often happens that the seller sells the items which he has procured from unofficial sources like a yard sale or a thrift store. These unconventional sources of products will surely lead to an intellectual property infringement claim because the authenticity of these products is always doubtful.

Besides that, your source must be always the official brand and its dealers.

2- Counterfeiting- Counterfeited products are those which are exact copies of the authentic products and are not manufactured by the real owner of the brand. Counterfeiting is a branch of trademark infringement. However, it is different from passing-off as in passing-off, identical copies are not formed.

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Selling counterfeited products is bound to invite penalization from Amazon.

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Consequences of False Accusation of Infringement-

Property Right Issues on Amazon Frustrating

Lots of remedies are available in false cases of infringement. The seller can file a tortious infringement with business relations or contracts. They can also do a declaratory judgment action which leads to the invalidity of intellectual property. The point is, remedies are many but all require courts’ interference, and that significantly boosts the price of receiving justice.

Suggestive precautions- 

It is always advisable that sellers do not indulge in selling books and t-shirts on Amazon. There is a plethora of intellectual property relate contentions being raised up time and again against these two categories. Besides that, they are not worth the shot since almost everyone infringes them.

Suggestive precautions

Never send more than one type of Intellectual property infringement in one notice. For a hasty resolution of your notices, you must make your complaint very specific and to the point. Also, never submit a retraction of a complaint by the report infringement form. Sellers might reach out to you for requesting retraction. if it is relevant, you should notify Amazon by the email queue.


Intellectual property rights issues on Amazon are complicated. It might get difficult rather frustrating for you to solve the issues on your own, in that case, you must seek professional help. Amazon is a great platform to earn money, but it comes with its own limitations which have to be dealt with from time to time. One of these shortfalls is the infringement issue.

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