Introduction To Bi-Polar Disorder

Drugs and noxious substances are widely consumed by youth especially teens these days. However, numerous issues are engendered by this addiction. ADHD, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, all are the consequences of addiction to drugs and substance abuse.

No matter how did you start drugs, the sooner you quit the drug, the better. However, it is not an easy task to quit long-term addiction. It takes very strong willpower and resolute to quit drug addiction. The abstinence from drugs is also coupled with withdrawal symptoms, which are oftentimes fatal.

Before your substance abuse leads to bipolar disorder and addictionit is best that you quit addiction to drugs. In this pursuit of yours, you will require the help of some experts. Arrow Passage Recover and its experts are there to help you in all possible ways. They have a team of dedicated experts in the field.

Bipolar Disorder

They conduct diagnosis and their approach is a mix of different approaches so that their patient is cured in the best possible manner. Their residential facility is located in Ohio. There, the patient is kept in the observation of the experts so that if any complication like withdrawal syndrome arises, then the patient may receive urgent attention.

You should get your near and dear one who is under the clutches of drug abuse, in their medical facility unless their situation aggravates. This will be the first step towards a life of atonement. This way you will not only help them, but you too will lead a stress-free life free from the worry of your loved one’s well-being.

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How Drug Use Affects Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition in which the person experiences extreme mood swings and variations in energy. This condition is can be recognized by the phases of extreme energy and elevation of mood also called the maniac phase and other phases of depression and gloomy nature. Addiction is the root cause of bipolar disorder.

Those who have been abusing substances= for a long duration are more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder. Studies have also documented that people suffering from bipolar disorder are very likely to be experimenting with drugs. Such patients may resort to depressants like alcohol and stimulants like cocaine and meth to cope with their different phases.

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Symptoms of bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Here is a list of different symptoms of bipolar disorder:

1- You are forgetful of the last time you felt really happy in life.

2- Consuming alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism.

3- Extreme shifts in mood and energy.

4- Unable to concentrate on a single task.

5- Extreme tension.

6- Suicidal nature.

7- Extreme change in appetite and weight.

8- Feeling troubled and facing challenges in maintaining the relationships.


Bipolar disorder is a serious medical condition and it is extremely harmful to the person suffering. The person may try to harm himself and may do reckless action in the maniac phase. This is why it must be treated at the earliest.

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