LED Screens and Backdrops Take Over Traditional Form of Event Marketing

A visual form of communication has become extremely important for all forms of business organizations nowadays. From backdrop screens or wall displays, LED technology has produced marvelous results when it comes to creating an impact at all forms of events and shows.


However, not everyone who wants to stand a chance to shine brighter than their competitors can have the budget for their own LED screens and might have to end up using cheaper forms of displays due to financial restraints.

If you are facing such a scenario and still want to use the LED displays for the upcoming event, you can look for LED screen hire services in the UK such as Dynamo LED Displays. Based in Dubai and the UK, this company specialized in making customized LED solutions for small to large organizations at very competitive prices. You can even use their hire services for all forms of events at a bare minimum price.

Tips to make the best use of LED screens for hire


1.      Choosing the right size:

  • Choosing the right screen size based on the event is extremely important.
  • You want everyone to be able to see what is going on the screen.
  • For larger professional events, you would want a bigger LED backdrop of about 18’X25’ and smaller ones for indoor events at restaurants or clubs.
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2.      Easy setup and mobility:

  • The display should be easy to install irrespective of the location of the venue where the event will be held.
  • If the LED screen is a mobile unit, it gives an added advantage.
  • Such units help in reducing installation time as well.

3.      Ask for better sponsorship grants:


  • If you have LED video displays instead of traditional banners type displays, you can ask for higher funding from the sponsors.
  • This is because LED screen allows going digital with the marketing.

4.      Determine the right pixel pitch:

  • The distance between your audience and screen is directly proportional to the pixel pitch that you need.
  • A large screen catering displaying marketing on a festive street will need a greater pixel pitch for the images to appear clear than a smaller screen projecting an event in a club.

5.      Take into consideration the crowd size:


  • Larger the crowd size, the bigger the screen. It’s a simple calculation so that every single person gets a clear view of the images on the display screen.

6.      Use of social media:

  • Display your social media profile on LED screens during the events.
  • This will make the audience directly connect with your organization and you can follow up with this group of people through other forms of social media marketing.

The glare-free and bezel-free properties of the LED video displays make them perfect for live TV shows. With high refresh rates, these displays can make your talent shine without worrying about background disturbances.


Follow Dynamo LED Displays Ltd. at their Instagram page to check out their latest products and use of LED technology for events in all forms of industries including finance, healthcare, education, retail stores, entertainment shows, etc. LED technology and its use in video displays are now a must-have if you want your business to shine during an event.

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