What is it About the Growing Popularity of Lettering and Script Tattoos?

Tattoos are of various types that can be popular amongst people nowadays. This ink on our bodies can be painful but is a trend among youngsters these days.

One of the most trending tattoos today is a lettering or script tattoo. Let us check in detail to know more about this design.

What are these lettering or scripting tattoos?

lettering or scripting tattoos
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This popular type of tattoo has been around for centuries. This was well known in ancient times as it was used by Egyptians and written in hieroglyphics on human skin.

But today, it is not about just writing a dead language, it is all about writings that inspire you. For example, it can be a quote, a song lyric, or a bible verse tattoo.

Lettering tattoo is all about getting some words or letters (that are closely linked to someone special) inked on your skin. This will remind you about that person every time you look at it.

Unlike picture tattoos, these letter tattoos will focus on the beauty of the words or the letters rather than just a particular image or scene.

You can also get these temporary lettering tattoos inked on your skin. Just check for a good place that makes realistic temporary tattoos.

What are the different types of lettering tattoos?

It differs from person to person. Lettering tattoos are going to vary in size depending on the area where you want to ink it.

different types of lettering tattoos
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If you want it on the chest or on the back, or if you want short words for a wrist or ankle. You may choose from a bold font a dark font or something that is small or delicate.

The lettering of the tattoos can be in Old English, cursive or gothic-style. For a perfect tattoo, you can contact your professional who can give you a free consultation.

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Why is it better to get a temporary tattoo?

Temporary tattoos are a great option for people who do not want a permanent one or are not sure about the design. Even it is better for people who are worried about being poked by a needle.

Temporary designs feel good and real. They can be very easily bought online and come in different shapes that just need to be applied to your skin with a little water. In a matter of seconds, you can get the tattoo ready on your skin.

There are various occasions when temporary tattoos are used:

  • If you want to hide any scar
  • For photo shoots
  • For theme parties
  • Marketing or advertising your business
  • For a personalized birthday party
  • For Pranks
  • For face painting


better to get a temporary tattoo
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Permanent tattoos are painful, costly and may leave some unattractive scars for a long time.

Temporary tattoos, on the other hand, are easy to be applied and are pain-free too. There will be no risk of getting an infection too.

It is quite affordable and people who love to change designs and are not satisfied with one will love these changing designs. The best part is that it can be used by kids too.

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