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R.A. Styron Heating and Air Conditioning in Chesapeake VA

You can never go wrong by quickly inspecting the air conditioner before calling for assistance. It does not matter if you do not find a simple DIY solution; you will be collecting more information that will assist your expert in bringing your AC back to full power more quickly. Check out more details about heating and air conditions at https://rastyron.com/.


The Electricity Source

Although it may seem apparent, this might go awry in more ways than you realize. When the electricity goes out in the evening, you will know immediately since the lights will all go out. As a result, a widespread failure of air conditioning may not be immediately apparent. Check your AC’s power supply by:

  1. Ensure all of your lighting and electrical equipment are on and working correctly. They should, but you are likely dealing with a larger-scale outage if they do not. When the power provider restores power to your home, you may expect your air conditioner to work again.
  2. Check your circuit breakers to verify whether the AC is connected to a flipped circuit or not.
  3. If the outside disconnect switch has been turned off, check to ensure it has not. These kinds of things may happen while you are undertaking maintenance. Contact the best R.A. Styron HVAC Chesapeake

It is a Thermostat

The thermometer is often the source of a malfunctioning air conditioner. To see whether this is the case:

  • Make sure to replace the batteries, particularly if the screen does not even turn up or seems to be dim. Your air conditioner may start operating right away if you have new batteries.
  • Make sure the thermostat isn’t set to “heat,” “vent,” or even “off” by going through the settings. For the air conditioner to begin operating, your thermostat must be set at “cool.”
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The Pipes

Occasionally, even if the air conditioner seems to be functioning, the temperature in your home does not drop. Various things may cause this, but it might simply be that the vents are obstructed by anything.

Each room should be checked to see whether the vent is visible. Get rid of any obstructions (such as boxes, dust, or clothes) obstructing ventilation. The last thing to ensure is that the air vents are set to the “open” position. Always give a write an HVAC Google review.

Atmospheric Filter

While a filthy, clogged filter is not usually a deal-breaker for an air conditioner, it might diminish the unit’s cooling performance. Some coolers are programmed to shut down if they do not receive enough airflow, which may be dangerous.

Others will continue to run, but you will not get as much cool air in your house as you’d want.


It is essential to maintain your air conditioning system even if it is operating again to ensure it lasts as long and runs as effectively as possible. As a result, you should get your air conditioning equipment tested and fixed up at least once a year.

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