Reasons to Eat That Slice Of Cake

It is very disheartening that cakes, as wonderful as they are get a lot of stick from the press unjustly. Some claim cakes have the tendency to make you fat automatically when you start eating them while others say the ingredients used in preparing cakes could send you to your grave as quickly as possible.


However, cakes are not as terrible as most people make them out to be. Cakes are a gift from Heaven to you and me. This is why.

1. Cakes do not make you fat

Anyone who tells you that cakes make you fat is downright lying. People simply become fat when they consume more calories than they burn every day. Granted, cakes do contain a lot of calories but it is unfair to blame these wonderful creations for someone’s undesirable weight gain. If putting on weight is going to be an issue for you, you may want to cut on other high-calorie-containing foods in order to enjoy your favorite cake regularly.


In fact, chocolate cakes may help you lose weight it has been found.

2. Cakes taste amazing

If you have ever eaten a slice of cake before, no matter how little that portion may be, you will be the first to admit that cakes taste ridiculously awesome. There are actually a few things in life that taste as great as cakes and I know you know that. The feel-good sensation that follows after eating a slice of cake can definitely not be unrivaled by anything. Have you been feeling moody lately?

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Well, why not visit that cake shop down the road with some friends and family and treat yourself to some amazing cake recipes.

3. Cakes help relieve your stress

Are you feeling stressed out from your job because of your boss? Well, eat some cake. Is your marriage stressing you out also? Eat some more cake. Are your kids giving you a headache after a headache at home? Want a solution? Cakes! You could never go wrong with cakes especially when life is throwing lemon after lemon at you.


Basically, cakes contain sugar and sugar, being a quick source of energy increases endorphin levels in our body that can boost moods and lift our spirits. So there you have it. Eat and eat some more cakes to help you weather the storms of life.

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4. Cakes can be taken as breakfast

It has been discovered that eating chocolate cakes in the mornings has immense benefits according to a research team from Syracuse University in New York. The studies they conducted proved that chocolate cake when eaten regularly can have a positive impact on your cognitive performance whilst improving your memory and abstract thinking. Researchers at Tel Aviv University conducted another research that revealed that chocolate cake enables participants to work more effectively when they consumed them every morning.


Not only did they make this wonderful discovery, but they also found out that a person was more likely to lose weight should he or she consume chocolate cakes on a regular basis.

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So there you have it. Next time, before thinking about going for that fine slice of cake, think about these reasons and make an informed decision. At The Glass Knife, where cakes are our calling card, we offer you the best Orlando cakes you could ever come across so don’t hesitate to pay us a visit.

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