Right Practice for Revoking Amazon Suspension and Account Reinstatement

Amazon account suspension

Amazon consistently introduces new features to make their portal safer and trustworthy for a better customer experience. Amazon makes outstanding sales and sellers expect to make their earnings phenomenal every year. One morning you wake up to see your Amazon Central account has been suspended. You panic! What’s happening? Why is it brusquely deactivated? Many questions are popping into your mind but you will need to handle them patiently.

On Amazon, there is a difference between seller account ban, suspension, and denial. In seller account ban, there is no chance for account recovery. Fortunately, for seller account suspension and denial, you have an opportunity to claim for account reinstatement via decisive, corrective, and updated action plan submission. 

Amazon hardly interacts with the sellers clearly while making an account reinstatement appeal. Therefore, make sure to communicate efficiently at every step. Never assume that missteps can be reversed down the road. You can wisely take help from professionals. YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services help AMZ sellers with different issues like account suspension, negative feedback removal, ASIN removal, etc. The professionals even offer affordable Amazon seller central account reinstatement services.

If you attempted a reinstatement appeal and failed, then never resubmit poor appeals. Amazon team may entirely stop replying. Therefore, approach experts right from the start.

How long is a seller’s account suspended on Amazon?

seller’s account suspended on Amazon

AMZ offers 17 days to the sellers for making an account suspension appeal or they will seal the account. In case you failed to appeal, Amazon puts your account on a 90-day clock for final funds disbursement. If you are not reinstated successfully, then don’t expect to receive 100% of that cash. Therefore, never go on the wrong appeal path or AMZ will hold your cash forever unless your position changes. 

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If you think about opening a new AMZ account … then it is a wrong idea! No one can get around seller account suspension. A new account request is not approved until the original suspension exists! You will need to reinstate the original account successfully. 

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Even if black hat companies advise you to open stealth accounts or unauthorized multiple accounts, it is ill-advised because of Amazon’s policy violation. This can lead to a ban forever. It is necessary to address account faults or performance issues with the help of experts. Appeal correctly with a robust Plan of Action [POA] for legal reinstatement. 

How to appeal for Amazon account suspension?

appeal for Amazon account suspension

Submit an acceptable POA via Seller Central account along with the requested documentation. If you continue to get generic or canned messages or fail to get a response within the designated time email into policy or performance team queues with a POA in your email body. You can appeal from multiple avenues but ensure to appeal with the right content. 

Follow the proper format because adding extra content is a waste as no one will read it. Amazon does not have time to keep track of reliable appeals, so it is the seller who needs to straighten their issues as quickly as they can with a solid solution [POA]. Wasting appeals with unfeasible POAs means you can expect rejections and ultimately ‘final word’ message from AMZ.

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