Shop For the Perfect Bra to Compliment Your Body

Love them or hate them, a bra is one of the most essential lingerie that every woman just can’t do without. The right kind of bra can enhance the look of your outfit whereas the wrong bra can be a spoiler.

The best lingerie store in Melbourne

Halter bra

Once you get to know which bra style, type, and size complements your body, it can magically transform the quality of your life. This is why Illusions Lingerie Store offers you a range of bras to choose from A to J cups for all ages and sizes. They also offer a range of shapewear, loungewear, sleepwear, briefs, and everyday basics right from sizes 8 to size 20.

This is the best lingerie store in Melbourne that offers fittings along with free online shipping on orders over $150 throughout Australia. You can also pick up your order for free from their store.

With more than 35 years of experience in selling lingerie for women, Illusions Lingerie Store is confident with their knowledge and expertise that what bra will fit you perfectly. They guarantee comfort and offer support to their customers if they have any queries while browsing through their online range. You can also visit their store for professional fittings by their qualified staff.

How to categorize a bra based on its style?

Different bra-types

A bra can be divided into 4 types:

  • Padded
  • Non-padded
  • Wired
  • Non-wired

Based on their coverage, there are 2 types:

  • With demi-cups
  • With full coverage

Based on the neckline style, they can be categorized into:

  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Balconette style
  • Plunge neckline
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Different bra-types

Push-up bra

Take a look at some of the common bra styles.

Padded bra

They are crafted with padded cups to hide the visible nipples and add volume to the breast. They are available in both wired and under-wired styles.

T-shirt bra

It has smooth and seamless cups with no impression when worn under body-hugging garments.

Balconette bra

It is a more revealing style with small cups showing off the top of the breast. They are perfect for broad-neckline dresses.


They are free of wires and are usually decorated with lace or other delicate fabric. They can be styled as a fashionable wear

Sports bra

They are perfect for any physical exercise as they support the breasts and minimize bouncing.


Push-up bra

It lifts your breasts while giving a prominent cleavage.

Underwired bra

They have wired cups that may or may not be padded. They are best for saggy breasts that need extra support and lift.

Strapless bra

They come without straps with underwired cups and an inner silicone lining that prevents the bra from slipping down. They are perfect for strapless, tube tops and off-shoulder attire.

Halter bra

They have a single strap and work best for halter neck dresses and tank tops.

Nursing bra

Also called maternity bras, this is like a blessing for nursing mothers as they have a flap on the cups for easy feeding purposes.

Nursing bra

Stick on

They have no back or shoulder straps and just an adhesive on the inner sides of the cups for sticking.

Illusions Lingerie Store helps you find the right kind of bra. Click on to connect with them on Facebook and get the latest updates and information about their new offers and deals.

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