Signs That Show Your Stucco Requires Attention

Common Signs of Stucco Damage

A gorgeous and unique stucco can enhance your home appearance, but it is equally important to address the issues related to stucco. Ignoring signs that your stucco is getting damaged and needs attention can be hazardous for your property. There could be cracks, fractures, or water leakages that need to be repaired immediately. Hence, you will need a qualified stucco professional who will assess, evaluate and make recommendations for your stucco.

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Common Signs of Stucco Damage

You might not have given it much thought other than loving the look of your stucco. However, keep an eye on certain signs that say your stucco needs attention and repair.


Multiple cracks in your stucco indicate there is a serious issue. If the cracks are more than one-fourth inch wide, it indicates there are structural problems that need immediate repair. Large cracks could mean that the house has heaved, doesn’t have proper joints, or has water leakage damage.

Water Leakage

Water Leakage

Apart from stucco cracks, there are some more obvious signs of water leaking through the stucco walls in your home.

  • Missing stucco chunks like observing stucco tears and breaking off.
  • Cracks around the windows as they are common places of stucco water leakage.
  • Discoloration or spots on the wall due to dampness.
  • Bubbles and cracks along the wall edges due to water leaking through the walls.
  • Feeling of softness on drywall that tells water damage is lurking under the plaster.
  • Look for moisture on the walls of your basement.
  • Hollow, softer, and bouncy sound in the wooden frame chimneys.

Stains on Stucco

Stucco stains indicate severe problems like water damage and mold. Although stucco paints are unpleasant, avoid painting over them as the wrong paint will not adhere and cover the damage. It is best to address the problem and hire a professional for corrective measures.

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Crumbling of Stucco

Age, weather changes, pest infestations, water damage, impact accidents, vibrations, and even improper installation can all cause stucco to crumble. The problem worsens when more stucco crumbles as it gives an unsightly look and more water can leak inside. Hire a professional stucco contractor to asses the root cause and get recommendations.

Rot near Doors and Windows

Rot near Doors and Windows

If you notice dark spots, stains, moss, cracks, or missing stucco pieces then it is a clear sign that your damaged stucco has led to water infiltration into the wall cavity.

Inspect all the penetrations that come out of the home exterior:

  • Electrical outlets
  • Light fixtures
  • Fans
  • Wires
  • Pipes
  • Meter boxes

Check for all these obvious signs and get your stucco inspected before any further damage occurs. A qualified stucco contractor will assess the problem immediately and recommend measures for repairing the damages.

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