Silverfish – All You Need to Know About the Pest Before It Attacks Your Property

Silverfish are pests commonly found in Tennessee. They do not possess any harm or danger to your health, but they can infest your home to damage your valuable belongings.

Silverfish – All

What are silverfish?

Silverfish are shiny and silvery insects with scales and antennae. They have a soft body, which is covered in fine scales to resemble like a fish. They have a flat and oval-shaped body. They do not have wings, but can run very fast.

Anything filled with sugar and carbohydrates dietary can attract silverfish. Paper, soap, cardboards, books, vegetables, and much more sugary items are their favorite food items.

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You may feel safe and highly hygienic when they work on your property to remove any kind of pests. Silverfish preferably grow in dark, damp, and warm places like holes and burrows. They are most commonly found in the attics, basements, garages and kitchen.

What are the signs of a silverfish infestation?

Before you contact a pest control specialist, you must know the type of pest infesting your home. This will help your contractor and you to get ready for the fight.

Here are a few signs to show silverfish presence in your home –

  1. Live silverfish – You must believe nothing but your eyes. If you find any small, slippery, and silver-like insects, there are chances of their infestation.
  2. Droppings – If you find any small and black droppings behind your furniture or underneath your cupboards, there could be silverfish.
  3. Skin sheds – Silverfish shed their skin throughout their lives and are a good indication of a silverfish infestation.
  4. Damage to your belongings – If you find yellow stains on your clothing, this could be the silverfish molts, which confirms their presence in your home. Your damaged belongings also indicate silverfish infestation.
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Why having a silverfish is a problem for you?

Silverfish can destroy your belongings like books, old papers, cardboards, damp wallpaper, carpets and clothes with their droppings and chewing habits.

They may also eat your unsealed food items like pasta, oat, dried meat, cereals, and flour. So, you must get rid of silverfish to secure your belongings and food items.

How can you prevent silverfish infestation?


You can take several natural preventive measures to avoid a silverfish infestation.

They include –

  1. You must seal all your eatables and cover them tightly with lids.
  2. Purchase humidifiers to use them in damp places to remove or restrict moisture that attracts silverfish.
  3. Repair and replace any damaged pipes and drains to avoid leakage and moisture which could otherwise attract silverfish. You may also seal up any cracks in your walls, ceilings, and other structures to close the door of silverfish’s shelters.
  4. Thoroughly vacuum clean your carpets to remove any food particles that could draw silverfish.
  5. Clean and store your books, magazines, and other paper stuffs carefully

Silverfish do not bite, but can contaminate your food stuffs and damage your buildings and possessions.

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