Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts – A Story of Success and Philanthropy

In 1993, Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts & Propaganda, a promo Concept Group was founded. Sweet Concepts is a well-established gifting and branding company associated with the highly competitive confectionary sector in London, UK.

The brilliant entrepreneur Stephen Taylor is the innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of wide unique promotional mints, sweets, and chocolates. Even if the corporate sweet gifting market is intensely competitive, Sweet Concepts owns exclusive patented products.

Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts & Propaganda has managed to reach on top because of hard work including rejections and failures. Everything was not SWEET for Stephen. He started Sweet Concepts with limited capital but made every penny count. Before spending a single penny, he thought carefully.

Having professionals to advise is helpful but he moved into the market with common sense. He learned to offer people products they need, so the corporate confectionary products designed were fun and pleasing to end-eaters’ palates. For example, the corporate branded fortune cookies, the Mini Mint-It Cube, personalized chocolates, etc.

For corporate events and trade fairs choose giveaways like tote bags, water bottles, key chains, phone chargers, and pens. The product quality will reflect your brand and its practicality are appealing to the recipients. Corporations only need to ensure that their branding is prominent and consistent across all items. It will provide a good return on investment.

Stephen Taylor even enjoys and supports several charities. He has been raised with a belief and understanding to share his successes with the community. There are some less fortunate people around, who need a helping hand to find their way to success. Sharing is a big portion of his life, which he delightfully shares with ‘The Boys Clubhouse’. The Charity is for vulnerable and disadvantaged teenagers and youngsters.

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Stephen Taylor

Show the ones moving on the wrong way the right path to restructuring their lives. UJIA is another organization focused on strengthening the faith of young British Jews by connecting with Israeli heritage.

Jewish Care is an immense social & health organization serving the Jewish community across South East and London. Community Security Trust is a recognized charity that protects British Jews from hostility or prejudice and related threats.

Keren Shabbos is a charity that distributes food to hundreds of families in North-west London. The National Trust charity preserves the history, nature, and beauty of woodland, coastland, countryside, gardens, historic buildings, and valuable collections, so it thrives for a new generation to enjoy.

Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts is not a profitable promo gifting business but is also a community supporter. After getting a degree in politics and economics from Leeds University, he got a job as a bond trader in the city. He hated it but the job taught him a lesson on how to treat employees because his boss was a beast.

His next job was as a consultant, where he learned people management. Later, he saw the complimentary mint bowl, which opened doors to design the hygiene wrapped ‘Thank You’ mint.

Stephen Taylor

After this, there was no looking back but he also applied the lessons learned from his experiences. He is a person with a good heart and is always prepared to share success with the community.

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