Studying a Level French – the Benefits and Reasons to Learn

Many prefer studying Level French. This is to achieve many goals, not only language perfection, but also some other benefits such as applying for the dream job, going with the travel plans, and so on. However, the basic thought is to make sure that the goal is achieved by learning French to perfection.

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With the help of A Level French tutor, you can achieve your goal of becoming an expert in the language. These are the tutors that have achieved mastery of the language and are also noted tutors worldwide. Find one to achieve your goal of learning the language to perfection.

Why A Level French

Here are some reasons that can make you choose to learn French to the best level. 

· French is the Global Key Language

Studies have shown that over 75 million people worldwide speak the French language, especially in the former French territories and the current French localities. By learning the language, you can stay assured that you can survive if you even visit any of these places for traveling purposes or work opportunities.

· Best Work Opportunities

Studies have revealed that over 50% of UK businesses look for candidates that are fluent in the French language. This language can become the best asset to you if you learn Level French. The projected possibility of people learning French has reached almost 750 million people worldwide.

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· Travel Opportunities and Gap Year 

Many people love to proceed further with their higher studies in such universities that can get them global recognition. Such students prefer going to UK universities, especially French universities. The advantage of knowing the language can become the best bridge and also the right opportunity to get you into such universities.

Learning the French Language

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The idea of learning a level French language includes multiple steps and modules.

They are, 

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Speaking the language will help you communicate with people throughout the journey while you are traveling to French territories. This aspect will even open up multiple opportunities for you.

Listening can enhance the learning skills of the language. You can learn the language by watching shows and films, podcasts, and even French magazines.

Reading means reading French newspapers, media sites, magazines, original novels, and so on.

Writing skill includes learning the specific grammar of the language to perfection.

Description of a Level Course

The first level of the course is to build confidence and effective skills for learning and also speaking the language to perfection. The course includes some self-assessments, frequent activities, and so on.

Exams and Specifications

The study course of Level French will make sure that the students are prepared thoroughly for the upcoming exams in May or June.

The exams are conducted in two different papers such as, 

  • Paper 1 for reading, translation, and listening to the language. This paper will allow 2 hours for the candidates and will be prepared for 80 marks.
  • Paper 2 is the written, response, and translation works. This paper will be prepared for 120 marks.
  • Oral Examination will be conducted for 25 minutes and will cover 72 marks.

Additional Reading

Some additional reading and also pairs that are added for learning the French language include Spanish, German, music, Philosophy, Psychology, History, and so on.

The completion of all these courses can get you the best career opportunities once you complete the exam modules and also clear the exams.

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Careers such as a French translator, tourism and traveling, marketing, etc., have a bright future for the candidates with a hold on the language.

However, this option is not restricted to these opportunities and can be utilized for other options also.

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