Tubes That Are Required for The PRP Process

 PRP Process

In the world of cosmetic procedures, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, or also known as PRP therapy has become a hit. Be it a wound that requires some healing, or a rejuvenation required for your skin, no matter what your requirement is, PRP therapy will surely cater to all your dermatological needs.

The best way of experiencing good results is by finding the right kind of PRP-Röhrchen [Meaning PRP tubes]. You can find the right option for you by visiting the website Plasmolifting Shop. You can find many options in the world of PRP therapy tubes and can find the one that works for you. Visit the webpage to know more.

PRP Kits

PRP Kits

For PRP therapy to work perfectly on you, you must find the right kind of kit for the procedure. A PRP kit will have a vacuum-sealed tube containing sodium citrate solution as a buffy coat layer. This tube is used for storing the blood content that is drawn from the body of the people willing to undergo this therapy.

Other tubes include,

·      Vacuum Sealed Centrifuge Tubes for Blood Storage

Tubes for Blood Storage

The blood content that is drawn from the body of the patient will be placed inside a tube to extract platelets. The tube will be centrifuged to separate platelets from the extracted blood. The platelets will be then removed from the tube with the help of a syringe and will be stored away from the chances of contamination.

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Sometimes there will be a delay in the blood gathering and the centrifugation process may require more than required. Blood can become a way for PRP therapy only after a few hours of extraction, and if delayed, then the clotting procedure will start. The extracted plasma from the clotted blood will not be as healthy as that of the natural blood.

·      Collection Tubes of Blood

Collection Tubes of Blood
Blood Test, Blood, Medical Sample, Test Tube

Sometimes, sodium citrate will be added later to the extracted blood manually, and this process requires an extra supply of blood. PRP therapy depends mainly on the extraction of platelets from the blood and slight contamination can result in poor results. Hence, the tubes and also the syringes that are used should be kept sterilized and also should be sterilized before usage.

Preparation of PRP

Preparation of PRP 

The syringes and tubes that are used for harvesting platelets will be used according to the suggestions and guidelines available in the manual. The second spin of the centrifugation tubes will be done to make sure that the resulting solution will be of the best quality. The final platelet solution that is obtained will be sampled in an EDTA microvessel or a plastic Eppendorf tube.

Ways to Avoid the Possible Complications During PRP Process

Possible Complications During PRP Process 

Here are some of the ways of avoiding the possibilities of complications during the PRP procedure.

  • The centrifugation force should be compatible with the centrifugation tube
  • The requirement of gel separator or anticoagulant
  • Experience with the work of centrifugation

By choosing the right kind of PRP tubes, you can prevent many possible hazards that may happen during PRP therapy. Hence, it is suggested to go through all the available options and pick wisely.

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