Health Benefits of Using Filtered Water for Taking Your Daily Shower


Daily Shower

Whether to begin our day in a fresh mood or wrap up at night after a hard and strenuous day, no matter what the reason is, all we need is a good shower, some music, and a hot cup of herbal tea. While the shower does help us in relaxing, we hardly talk about the ill effects unfiltered water has on our health.

Our skin can get dry and devoid of essential minerals and our hair can get brittle, non-lustrous, and frizzy to begin with. The simplest solution to this water problem that we get as a regular municipal supply is by adding a filter to our shower head.

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There are many brands of shower filters in the market and you can check the reviews of the best shower water filter. Their team has spent many research hours listing down the best filters based on the advantages and negatives of each shower filter brand. To make your work in selecting the shower filter easier, they have also listed the unique properties of each brand so that you can choose according to your personal needs.

How does installing a shower filter improve our health?

Your Daily Shower

Every member of our family including young children and pets makes use of the municipal water every single day for taking baths. We even clean our laundry with this water.

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However, if the water supply has high amounts of chlorine and has hard water elements, it can very quickly affect the health of our skin and hair. The hair texture of our pets like Shih Tzus gets affected very soon. Tangled and dry hair in such furry pets not just affects their looks but also makes them more prone to catching bacterial infections.

This is why installing water filter benefits our entire family and provides the following beneficial health effects:

Healthy hair and skin:

    • Soft water helps in the complete removal of dirt and oil from our skin when we wash it under the shower.
    • If there are hard elements in water, it results in clogged pores and accumulation of dirt that in turn causes problems like acne, dull skin, and even bacterial infections.
    • Hard water also dehydrates our scalp, dries out the hair and makes the texture rough, and eventually makes them brittle.
    • The high chlorine content of water also makes our scalp more prone to dandruff and hair fall because the follicles of our hair get damaged on frequent exposure to chlorine.

Daily Shower 2

Makes your family free from getting sick often:

      • Shower filters also clear out the germs that lurk around the showerhead and make us sick even when we are regularly cleaning ourselves.

Lowers down the risk of developing certain cancers:

    • Chlorinated water when comes in contact with organic matter, produces THMs.
    • These by-products are highly carcinogenic and can stimulate the production of free radicals in our bodies.
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Protects our lungs:

    • Chlorine fumes that are released from the showerhead can also cause respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma.

Shower Head

Makes us look and feel younger:

    • Free radicals that are formed by bathing in chlorinated water also damage our skin cells.
    • Thus, the skin is more prone to developing signs of aging at an early age.
    • Regular exposure to chlorine fumes also causes mental depression and fatigue.

Get your water checked for the presence of hard elements as well as chlorine. If it is high, do your health a favor and install a good quality shower head in your home today.

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