Why Refacing Cabinets Is The Best Kitchen Remodeling Option In 2022

Remodeling your home during the summer is a great idea. There is an opportunity to give your kitchen a completely new look for a very reasonable price. Even if you consider them dull and worn, you don’t have to give up on your old cabinets. By hiring professionals who turn old kitchens into Instagram-worthy interiors, you can easily give them a new look. My goal was to learn how to upgrade my old kitchen without spending much money, so I contacted Kitchen Magic’s interior design and remodeling professionals. Below are the results:

Refacing Cabinets

Budgeting And Planning

It is essential to develop a feasible plan for every remodeling project based on a precise budget. If you don’t plan carefully, your project might end up being unfinished or utterly different from what you first imagined.

For these reasons alone, you can take a simple approach and renovate your kitchen with a few simple makeovers that won’t break the bank but will give it a fresh and modern look.

There aren’t a lot of options when it comes to new cabinetry. There is a store in your neighborhood, or you can check out their online presence, but their selection is limited. Adapt your vision to available dimensions, materials, and colors.

It’s a different process to reface cabinets. Your cabinets can be fully customized. There are many ways to customize your drawers, including altering old drawers to fit your needs, repurposing or resizing them, and choosing colors. Additionally, you don’t need to spend as much money as you would if you bought new cabinetry.

More customization and an affordable price are the advantages of refacing. The idea is to stand out, but also choose an affordable option. You get the best of both by choosing to reface old cabinets instead of investing in new ones that do not necessarily need to fit your kitchen design.

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Refacing - What it entails

Refacing – What it Entails

You can stay on top of your routine with kitchen refacing while keeping your current layout. It will add a new look and functionality to your old kitchen.

A refacing project involves installing new plywood behind your old cabinets and covering them with a veneer or laminate that is easier to clean and maintain.

You can customize the theme without negatively impacting functionality, which is the real benefit.

For additional customization, you can select new pulls, knobs, and hinges after picking the color and the cover.

Compared to replacing all cabinets, refacing them is much more cost-effective due to the reduced material and labor costs. If you compare Kitchen Magic’s refacing services to a complete kitchen remodel, you can get the same results in a week.

Try It Out

Keep your current cabinets and give them a facelift if you want to spend a lot of money on an entire remodeling project. The most significant benefit of custom cabinets is the depth of customization that can be applied, which means your kitchen will look better and function better.

Your cabinets will be refaced by professionals with years of experience committed to each project.

For a new/old kitchen, you can always ask the professionals for their recommendations that will work visually and practically for you when you don’t know or can’t decide between various materials and colors.

With refacing, you can keep all your existing elements but reinforce them with a new look. It is a unique and cost-effective mix of old and new, allowing you to customize the design, which is hard to find when shopping for new cabinets.

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